Dr Jim Edwards

Dr Jim Edwards ONZM, B.V.Sc., Dip.Bus.Studs.

Professional experience
 - Retired veterinarian
 - Currently the Managing Director of World Veterinary Consultants, an international veterinary consultancy.
 - Previously the National Manager of International Animal Trade in the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) Biosecurity Authority.
 - Developed a wide network of contacts, strong communication skills and combined with Veterinary Association roles, a high international profile.  
 - This was built upon a solid foundation of 14 years in rural veterinary practice in the Rangitikei and Manawatu working extensively with sheep, cattle, horses and deer, before joining the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986.
 - Past-President of the World Veterinary Association (WVA). Elected President and led the WVA for the period 1999-2002. Elected as the World Veterinary Association Regional Vice-President for Asia and Oceania in 1996 and led the restructuring of the WVA. Elected a WVA Vice-President in 1997 when the new constitution was adopted.
 - Actively involved in the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) since graduation. Held many roles and was President of the NZVA for two terms between 1992 and 1994. 
 - Past-President Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations.

 - Independent Chairman, Welfare Committee, New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association
 - Chairperson, Animal Trade Advisory Council
 - Lecturer Food Safety in 280.105 Quality Assurance for the Meat Industry, Diploma of Meat Technology, Massey University
 - Tour leader for CR McPhail Agricultural, technical, and business tours to and from New Zealand

 - Established World Veterinary Consultants with an international network of Associates.
 - While much of Jim’s consultancy work is within New Zealand, he has been a member of an FAO Technical Consultancy to Bhutan over three missions in 2003 and three missions to Qatar in 2012, 2014 and 2016; 
 - Jim has developed a manual for quarantine officers in the Pacific Islands and spoken on dairy cattle management, health and welfare at meetings in China.
 - Jim has been teaching animal welfare to slaughter plant staff in New Zealand since 2010.
 - Successfully led the development and implementation of import health standards and export certification by the International Animal Trade section of the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture from 1995 - 2001.  These standards and certificates are used by the Ministry to manage the disease risks associated with the import and export of animals and animal products. 
 - Took a lead role in the international market access negotiations for exports of bees and the development of import health standards.
 - Led the review and redevelopment of standards for the export of sheep by sea during the early 1990s which led to a much improved and acceptable performance.  This trade had been marred by poor performance and public reaction against the poor animal welfare involved in this trade.
 - Successfully managed the supervision of a major sheep importation project on behalf of the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture which concluded with the release of significant new breeds into the New Zealand sheep population gene pool.  This extensive quarantine project involved thousands of animals kept on about nine quarantine farms.  The final phase after five years included the slaughter of all the original imported animals and their first offspring to collect the necessary samples for laboratory analysis to prove that these sheep were free of scrapie and other significant diseases from which New Zealand remains free.
 - A co-leader in the development of Part 3 Animal Exports, in the Animal Welfare Act 1999.  This world leading legislation provided the avenue to control the welfare in animal exports.  This is of particular importance to New Zealand because of the long distances animals are exported and because of our reliance on the export trade for national income and the good reputation needed to maintain market access.
 - Led the restructuring of the WVA and the implementation of the new constitution.  There had been significant concern from a number of member countries that the WVA was not serving its purpose.  Following election in 1995, was charged with leading the Policy Committee to restructure the WVA and develop a new constitution.  This was achieved within 18 months and involved extensive consultation with member countries.  Presented the new constitution and it was adopted at the General Assembly in May 1997.
 - Successfully led the World Veterinary Association as the elected President for the period 1999-2002.

 - Appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) in the New Year's Honours for 2010, for services to the Veterinary Profession and to the Community.
 - Appointed an Honorary Member of the World Veterinary Association.

 - The World Veterinary Epidemiology Society James H. Steele Award.
 - The New Zealand Veterinary Association Outstanding Service Award.

Career History
 2002- Managing Director, World Veterinary Consultants Ltd
 2001-02 Special Adviser, MAF Biosecurity Authority, Wellington.  
 Undertook eleven specific projects which were related to importation policy, the control of animal diseases, operational research, and animal welfare which relate to the core function of the government agency charged with leading this policy in New Zealand.
 1990-2001 National Advisor Animal Exports, then Manager International Animal Trade, MAF Biosecurity Authority, Wellington.
 Headed the development of export certification through negotiation with the quarantine agencies of foreign governments and then became leader of the whole section which included both exports and the development of import health standards that are used to manage disease risks during the importation of animals and animal products into New Zealand.
 1986-90 Veterinary Officer, MAF, New Plymouth and then Palmerston North, New Zealand.  
 These roles involved managing animal health and welfare for each of these two regions on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture. Led the MAF supervision of quarantine of new breeds of sheep into New Zealand.
 1979-80 National Secretary and Technical Adviser to the New Zealand Romney Sheep Breeders Association
 Learned the skill of lobbying of Government Departments and Parliamentarians.
 1972-79 & 80-86 Rural veterinary practice in North Island of New Zealand 
 This gave excellent experience in the extensive sheep and cattle farms as well as dairy farming, deer pigs and horses. An important component was the clinical work involving working dogs.

 1990 Diploma Business Studies, Massey University
 1972 Batchelor Veterinary Science, Massey University

 2003 Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand
 1987 - 2015 Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Veterinary Associations and organisations
 2006 - 2008  President, Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations
 2004 - 2006 Vice-President, Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations
 2002 - 2005 Immediate Past-President, World Veterinary Association
 1999 - 2002 President, World Veterinary Association
 1997-9 Vice-President, World Veterinary Association
 1995-7 Regional Vice-President for East Asia and Oceania, World Veterinary Association

 2003- 2012 Ministerial Appointee to the Veterinary Council of New Zealand, the regulatory body established under the Veterinarians Act (1994)
 1998-2001 Board member Veterinary Business Managers Group of NZVA which provided practice management evaluation and continuing education for veterinary businesses in New Zealand.
 1992-4 President of the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA).  Led the development and implementation of formal administrative and technical policies for the association.
 1990-2 Vice-President of the NZVA.
 Two terms as foundation president of the State Veterinary Branch of the NZVA.  Held two very successful annual symposia on animal welfare and bovine tuberculosis which involved stakeholders outside the veterinary profession.
 1989-95 Councillor of the NZVA during an important rebuilding period for the association.
 1983-84 President Sheep & Beef Cattle Society, NZVA which at the time was the largest special interest branch of the NZVA. Led the organisation of the annual seminar which provided the focal point for practitioner continuing education.
 1979-82 Secretary Sheep & Beef Cattle Society, NZVA
 1979+80 President Central Branch, NZVA, which was the regional branch that comprised mainly staff from the only New Zealand veterinary school and surrounding practitioners.
 1972-9 Committee member for both the Central Branch and Sheep & Beef Cattle Society.

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Conference presentations
 Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations, Philippines 1992: 
 - Food hygiene in New Zealand
 - Drug registration in New Zealand
 Pan-Pacific Conference, Christchurch 1996:
 - International trade of embryos
 Workshop in pet food regulations, St Louis 1998:
 - Global importance of promoting pet food regulatory and labelling issues amongst professionals
 World Veterinary Congress, Lyons 1999: 
 - The welfare of bobby calves in New Zealand
 Workshop in pet food regulations, St Louis, 2000:
 - Global perspective on pet food standards
 WHO Pre-harvest Food Safety Conference, Berlin 2001: 
 - Pre-harvest food safety - challenges and opportunities
 Commonwealth Veterinary Association and Veterinary Association of Malaysia August 2001:
 - Biosecurity and international trade
 Antimicrobial resistance, OIE, Paris 2001:
 - Prudent use of antibiotics and containment of antimicrobial resistance
 Animal Welfare Symposium, Bangalore 2002:
 - Teaching animal welfare in veterinary schools - the New Zealand Experience
 - The development of animal welfare legislation and codes of practice in New Zealand
 - The role of ethical committees to oversee the use of animals in research, teaching and testing
 - The long distance sea transportation of sheep and cattle
 Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations, Kuala Lumpur 2002:
 - Globalisation - challenges to the veterinary profession
 World Veterinary Congress, Tunis 2002:
 - Animal welfare considerations in vertebrate pest control - what to measure and how much
 - Integrating practical, regulatory and ethical strategies for enhancing farm animal welfare
 - Veterinary involvement in animal welfare change management - the New Zealand experience from 1980 to 2000
 - Technological advances that enhance veterinary anatomy teaching
 - The effects of vehicle design and stocking density on environmental conditions for lambs on road transport vehicles
 Animal Welfare Symposium, Bangalore 2003:
 - Role of veterinarians in animal welfare
 - Alternatives to animal use in veterinary education
 International Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Paris, February 2004 
 - Role of veterinarians in animal welfare
 - The Role of the Veterinarian in Animal Welfare - A Global Perspective
 Philippines Veterinary Medical Association 72 Annual Conference, Davao, February 2005 
 - Plenary speaker: The Veterinarian and Animal Welfare
 Japanese World Veterinary Day Association, Sapporo and Nagoya 22 & 23 April, 2005
 - Guest speaker: Biosecurity, Animal Welfare and Deer Farming in New Zealand
 World Veterinary Congress, Minneapolis 2005:
 - Presidents’ Forum - Communication, Education and Animal Welfare
 - Does Animal Welfare Need Veterinarians?
 Uruguay November 2005 VIII Uruguayan Veterinary Medicine Congress
 - Animal Welfare in New Zealand
 - The Veterinarian and Animal Welfare - a Global Perspective
 Taiwan Veterinary Day celebration January 2006
 - Biosecurity in New Zealand
 Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations, Auckland 2006: 
 - American Foul Brood Pest Management Strategy - Lessons Learnt
 Bienestar Animal en la Cadena de la Carne, Universidad Austral de Chile, 9 November 2006
 - Rol de Médico Veterinario en bienestar animal
 - Códigos para el transporte y faena en Nueva Zelandia
 PANVET Congress 13-16 November 2006
 - Bienestar animal: rol del Médico Veterinario
 World Veterinary Day 2007 in Taiwan Celebration Ceremony and International Advancing Knowledge Forum April 2007
 - The Veterinarian and Animal Welfare - a Global Perspective
 International Conference on Emerging and Re-Emerging Viral Diseases of the Tropics and Sub-Tropics, December 11-14, 2007 at New Delhi. 
 - Invited Lecture : "Animal Welfare : Issues and Perspectives"
 Satellite symposium on Vaccinology, December 17-18, 2007  at Mukteswar
 - The Veterinarian and Animal Welfare - a Global Perspective
 29th World Veterinary Congress, Vancouver 27 to 31 July 2008
 - The World Veterinary Association Direction in Animal Welfare
 World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association
 - The Importance of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine in the SE Asia-Pacific Region & Opportunities for the WAVMA
 15th FAVA Congress, Bangkok, Thailand 27-30 October 2008
 - The Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations Direction in Animal Welfare
 - The Importance of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine in the FAVA Region and Strategy to Overcome Trade
 1st International Conference on Animal Welfare Education, Brussels, 1 - 2 October 2010
 - The New Zealand Animals in Schools Education Trust (AISET)

World Veterinary Congress, Cape Town October 2011
 Global Perspectives of Animal Welfare Related to Increased Food Production
 Perspective of the Current Global Status of Veterinary Education
 Veterinary Perspectives Of Large Animal Welfare In New Zealand
 Novel Technology for the Remote Monitoring of Canine Patients

PanVet 2012: XXIII Congreso Panamericano de Ciencias Veterinarias
 Cartagena, Colombia, October 2012
 Global Perspectives of Animal Welfare Related to Increased Food Production

Significant reports
 - Restructure and new constitution of the World Veterinary Association 1997

 - Final (supervision and slaughter) phase of sheep quarantine programme 1990
 - Pan-Pacific Conference 1996
 - Develop Part 3, Exports, of the Animal Welfare Act 1999
 - World Veterinary Day 2001-10
 Special Adviser, MAF Biosecurity Authority:
 - New Zealand animal welfare papers for World Veterinary Congress 2002
 - Prepare and present animal welfare papers at animal welfare symposium, Bangalore 2002
 - Develop a standard for the issue of animal welfare export certificates
 - Policy for the export of cattle for slaughter
 - Prepare and support the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee International Society Animal Ethics conference, Hamilton 2002
 - Varroa phase 3 strategy
 - The importation of honey from Western Australia
 - The International Vaccine Bank
 - The contingency registration of exotic disease vaccines
 - Veterinary coordination (within MAF)
 - Operational research strategy

World Veterinary Consultants:
 - Chairperson, Bee Products Standards Council (2005-2017)
 - Consultant to Heyrex
 - Advisor to NZPR Group Ltd, an exporter to the Peoples' Republic of China.
 - Qatar Supreme Council of Health - the development of the new Qatar Food Safety Authority - February - March 2014
 - Qatar National Food Security Programme (www.qnfsp.gov.qa) working on biosecurity, food safety and zoonoses. September - October 2012.
 - Ministerial nominee on the Veterinary Council of New Zealand, 2003 - 2012
 - Chief Executive Officer of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand Incorporated, 2005 - 2009
 - FAO Technical Consultancy to Bhutan over three missions in 2003
 - Preparation of a Training Manual for Para-veterinary staff in the Pacific Islands
 - Lead speaker at an International Seminar for the World Society for the Protection of Animals
 - Report to the World Veterinary Association on Submissions to the Consultation on Constitutional Matters 
 - Review the Structure and Constitution of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand (Inc)
 - Development and management of human health services databases for Kapiti Coast available at www.kapitihealth.org.nz and the mid-central region www.centralhealth.org.nz
 - Consultation with Livestock Improvement Corporation on biosecurity affecting the dairy industry
 - Planner and presenter at the World Veterinary Congress in Minneapolis, July 2005 
 - Planning Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations Congress held in Auckland May 2006
 - Published newsletter for Food Safety, Animal Welfare and Biosecurity Branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association
 - Facilitated the development for the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Codes of Animal Welfare for Commercial Slaughter, Sea Transportation and Dairy Cattle.